SEMA 2009: Meet the world’s most desirable Lexus RX450h by Branew

November 6, 2009

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Branew Lexus RX450h – click above image to view hi-res gallery
Let me be blunt: I don’t like luxury crossovers. At all. It’s a niche with no appeal to me whatsoever. Not a car, not a truck – just a fat sedan jacked up on stilts to woo trophy wives with fancy badges and reassure soccer mammas that their children are “safe.” And the Lexus RX gets the sharp point of my spear of anger because it’s basicallySource: Autoblog RSS Feed


The Beatles Finally Go Digital

November 6, 2009

By Chris Scott Barr

For years people have been predicting that The Beatles would finally make their way onto the iTunes store. Fans collectively held their breath when Apple announced a press conference on 9/9/09, the same day that the remastered collection of tunes was to be released on CD. Unfortunately it seems that the two still haven’t gotten over that fruit-based trademark issue. Well if you’re wanting your digital Beatles fix, there is a different way to go about it.

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Design Dilemma: Art vs. Furniture

November 3, 2009

There’s an old decorator’s credo that you must make a choice when decorating: Either you highlight your furniture or you highlight your art. In other words, if you have a fabulous art collection, you’ll want to stick to subdued and neutral color choices in your furniture, carpets and accessories. Or, on the other hand, if you have unique colorful, funky furnishings and walls, you’re better holding back on vibrant and colorful paintings.

And let’s face it, there’s a reasonSource: Home Design Find RSS Feed

Windows Vista replica BlackBerry theme VISTALike

November 3, 2009

HedoneDesign have a new theme and this one is a Windows Vista replica. The theme features some clean graphics and classic icons for the homescreen. Hedone have also included a wallpaper expansion pack for additional customization on this theme.

The VISTALike theme comes in Zen, Today and Today Plus and is available for $3.49 until November 6th (regularly $6.99).

BlackBerry Cool for BlackBerry Cool, 2009

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Abarth 500 first Fiat to US

November 2, 2009

We already knew that the Fiat 500 would be the first Fiat to hit the US market, and had reckoned that the retro chic model would meet likely success in North America. It seems that Fiat is not quite convinced that the 500 has what it takes, in its current form, and so has decided to pull out the big guns on this model, and take the Abarth 500 instead.

It’s unclear though, whether the Abarth 500 will be a kind of teaser, limited edition model to raise interest for theSource: EuroCarBlog RSS Feed

Family Business ‘Weecycles’ Maternity & Baby Necessities

November 2, 2009

Daily Record:

On the wish list at Weecycled Bundles of Joi in Ledgewood: Jog strollers, toddler/child car seats (5 years old or newer), furniture in excellent condition, and outdoor playsets.

On the store’s hot list: Tabletop changers, portable cribs and glider/rocking chairs.

The hot list grows every day, as does the wish list — a prime example of supply and demand. The growth is symbolic of the clothing, furniture, bedding, toys and other items shed by pint-sizedSource: Business Opportunities Weblog RSS Feed

The Lingenfelter 455 T/A Concept really is badass

November 1, 2009

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Lingenfelter 455 T/A Concept – See more images at Car and Driver
Car and Driver is the first outlet to post real live photos of the SEMA-bound Lingenfelter 455 T/A Concept. By taking the looks of the ’70 Trans Am and adapting them to the new Chevrolet Camaro, Lingenfelter has created something that will have you playing “What if..” scenarios regarding Pontiac over and over again in your heads. Imagine aSource: Autoblog RSS Feed

Ford and Canadian Auto Workers reportedly reach a deal

November 1, 2009

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Ford Motor Company and the leadership of the Canadian Auto Workers union have reached a tentative agreement after a marathon four-day wrap-up to negotiations. Union membership needs to approve the deal, which will guarantee a Great White North presence for Ford until at least 2012. Voting is underway this weekend, and if approved, the CAW will be responsible for building 10 percent of Ford’s North American production, Source: Autoblog RSS Feed

GM to offer in-vehicle WiFi on select models

October 27, 2009

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Everywhere connectivity is even closer with the announcement that GM will be offering dealer-installed Autonet routers in its SUV and truck offerings. Chrysler was the first to put Autonet in cars a year ago, and Volkswagen signed up in August of this year, putting the mobile router docking station in its Routan. The Autonet kit is available this month for installs in the GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac lineups, or you can order it on GM’s accessoriesSource: Autoblog RSS Feed

REPORT: David Coulthard gets a speeding ticket. In an F1 car.

October 27, 2009

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David Coulthard demonstrates for Red Bull Racing in Mumbai, India – Click above for high-res image gallery

You can’t blame an F1 driver from driving fast. That’s what they’re supposed to do. Evidently authorities in India feel differently, however, as they’ve slapped David Coulthard with an enormous 20,000 (approx $33k) ticket for breaking the speed limit. The kicker? It was for a Formula 1Source: Autoblog RSS Feed